Elimu TV is a television station on the digital platform that focuses on providing Secondary Education
curriculum. Over the years, transition rates from Primary school to secondary school have been less than
fifty percent (50%). Evidently from 2002, at least 48 per cent of those who sat the KCPE had access to
secondary education. There were was an absorption rate of 287,248 pupils out of the 514,350 who sat the
KCPE. This translated into 55.5 per cent (%) missing Form One places. Elimu TV seeks to bridge the gap
through provision of digital secondary education content through television and technology. The educational
content is based on a classroom setting where a teacher is recorded on video teaching a particular topic in a
subject say for example Introduction to Biology the first topic in form 1 Biology. The recording involves
audio visual content infused with multi-media such as graphics and animations to enhance the learning
experience. This content forms the backbone of the programming schedule on the television and a viewer
can be able to sit in front of a television screen and learn the same way that a student sits in class and learns
through a teacher. Elimu TV is a subsidiary of Elimu Digital Media which was founded by Jane Muthiga
Macharia and Geoffrey Maina Muriithi to provide education to out of school youth who miss an opportunity
to advance their education past primary school level. The vision for Elimu TV was conceived in 2008 by
Jane after many years as a social worker trying to provide education opportunities to the poor Kenyans in
slums within non-formal schools in order to enable them better their lives and that of their families. Since
then, the idea has grown and the television station is now a reality with many people in Nairobi using the
content for personal studies.
50%+1 of Elimu TV’s  profit is re-invested to the project.


To enable quality secondary education through ICT and Media

To be the leading provider of digital educational content through media and ICT in East Africa
enabling anyone to study and sit for exams without having to go to a physical school.

Elimu TV works very closely with the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders in the education
and ICT sectors that include
a) Kenya Institute for Curriculum Development (KICD)
b) Department of Adult Education
c) Teachers Service Commission
d) Kenya National Examination Council
e) Communication Authority of Kenya
f) ICT Authority

EDM has done content development and video coverage for the following companies among

  • Technobrain
  • IHUB
  • Internet Governance Forum
  • Kenya Agricultural Productivity Program (KAPP)