Leaders challenged to speak against vices

Business leaders have been challenged to be in the frontline in building a prosperous and cohesion nation. This was said during the KIM Board of Fellows’ luncheon that brought together key business leaders to reflect on the leadership and governance priorities for Kenya. Speaking during the event, the chief guest Prof. PLO Lumumba, MKIM, Director & CEO of the Kenya School of Law and an Advocate of the High courts of Kenya and Tanzania said that Africa suffers the crisis of leadership citing that leaders had run down key institutions, divided people through tribal lines and used their positions to enrich themselves as opposed to serving the people. PLO offered key solutions to solving the problems of leadership and governance: Social and economic inclusion, bringing opposing at the table to negotiate and come up with solutions, inculcating leadership values such as integrity, humility and service, bringing people to account, and leaders uniting their voices to speak against graft and other malpractices.

Prof. Lumumba challenged KIM Fellows to agitate for good leadership both at national and county levels so that real development and progress can be achieved. He noted that leaders should be very concerned about youth with no employment citing that it was in the leaders’ selfish interests to ensure that such youth were gainfully engaged to generate wealth for themselves and for this nation.

Also speaking at the event, Dr. Peter Muthoka, KIM Chairman, Board of Fellows noted that harsh words had been said, all manner of name calling made, partisan opinions shared on social media and at media interviews, careless rhetoric that bordered incitement, demonstrations had been held, lives have been lost and basically all these had culminated into a very divided country. It was against this backdrop that we as an institute of management were keen to share insights on how we can build a just, united, economically vibrant and socially cohesive nation

Also speaking at the event, Mr. Muriithi Ndegwa, KIM Executive Director and CEO noted that ….KIM creates platforms for knowledge sharing with a view of creative positive change, challenging attitudes and shaping positive mindsets for socio-economic growth and development.

The KIM Fellows’ Luncheon was held on Thursday November 23rd, 2017 at the Nairobi Safari Club. 104 business leaders who are Fellows of the Kenya Institute of Management attended the event.