• Vision – 

    To establish a learning partnership with home, school, parents, community and local Education department. to ensure spiritual, personal and academic excellence

    • To be a leading learning care institution in the region providing world class education and service
  • Mission – 

    to provide a loving, safe, God fearing and stimulating environment that encourages participation, creativity, problem solving, enthusiasm for learning and positive living.

The school is founded on a strict Christian Principles although other religious convictions are accommodated. Our goal is to offer holistic quality education for both girls and boys at an affordable cost.

  • Security- The school is very well secured with a good perimeter fence and lighting system, in an up market environment.
  • Our core values- Our vision is driven by our values, in developing strong work Ethics, respect for others, sense of responsibility, Duty, integrity, Honesty, Self esteem, confidence, creativity and Positive living.
  • Curriculum- The school follows the approved 8-4-4 education system. French and computer classes are offered. The school has qualified, Competent, Committed and caring Teachers.
  • Co-curriculum- A healthy mind requires a healthy body, games and sports form an integral part of our co-curriculum activities. There are several clubs such as piano, drama and swimming. Students are encouraged to join and participate in these clubs and societies to enable them realize their potential and Talents.
  • Physical Facilities- Our school has the best facilities including a large playing field.
  • Classrooms- They are spacious and well furnished with small numbers for Specialized attention. small classes provide excellent interactive learning environment.


  • Fully equipped computer/science lab
  • sumptuous hot balanced diet
  • French studies available
  • Excellent boarding facilities with hot water bath.
  • KICD approved textbooks provided.
  • Sports and games: Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball e.t.c
  • Qualified professional teaching fraternity
  • 24/7 security offered
  • Active clubs e.g Science, Journalism, Drama, among others.