(Issued under Article 35 (3) of the Constitution)



Leaders from North Eastern Region have asked the government to ensure Teachers it recruits to work in the region serve in the area for a minimum of three years, before they can be considered for transfer.They said the teachers be required to  sign an agreement with the Teachers Service Commission saying they cannot be considered for transfer from the region until they serve for a minimum of three years, the leaders proposed.They, however, said that any teacher who leaves the area before the expiry of the three years should lose his job.

The leaders made the observations at a North Eastern Leaders Forum at a Nairobi Hotel yesterday. The leaders, led by the Majority Leader in the National Assembly, Hon. Aden Duale met Ministry of Education officials, led by e Cabinet Secretary for Education, Ambassador Amina Mohamed.CS Mohamed assured the leaders that the Government is exploring ways to address some of the concerns including expansion of primary boarding to accommodate more students.She also said that the Ministry there was 480 trainees spread across the country from the region who will soon graduate from Teacher Training College.

The CS said the cohort will help ease the teacher shortage problem in the region when they graduate and apply for recruitment upon TSC advertisement of vacancies in the region.The Director for Teacher Management at TSC, Mrs. Mary Rotich said that TSC had not moved any non-local teacher from Mandera, adding that TSC moved non-local teachers within the region—to urban areas in the region.She said TSC affirmative action provided open employment for newly trained teachers from the region upon applying for recruitment by the TSC.

Earlier, Mr. Duale said that non-local leaders constituted the majority of teachers in the region noting that most of the current policy and opinion leaders from the region were taught by non-local teachers who the TSC posted to the area.“I was taught by non-local teachers including Uganda teachers,” Mr. Duale recalled.He said those behind the current security situation were out to undermine the area’s socioeconomic development and efforts and have youth in the areas recruited in terror organisations.We should ensure the plot fails by providing all possible security safeguards to teachers from outside the region

The Regional Coordinator for Education in the area, Mr. Adan S. Abdulahi said teacher shortage stood at 4,727, with 3,311 in public Primary and 1,416 in public in public Secondary schools.He said the exodus of non-local teachers from the region, following recent attacks of teachers in Wajir County had worsened the shortage, saying primary schools and secondary schools have an average of 7 teachers and 9 teachers respectively.Mr. Duale however, challenged leaders from the region to encourage their children to join the teaching profession.“Your children don’t want to become teachers,” Mr. Duale complaining saying that the perception that teaching was not lucrative was wrong.

Wajir governor Mohamed Abdi said that County Governments in the region was willing to finance the education of students within the region who join Teacher Training Colleges or Bachelor of Education programs but who are also ready to teach in schools in the area.The forum was attended by members of National Assembly and the Senate from the region.