Principal Secretary, State Department of Basic Education, Dr. Belio Kipsang

Principal Secretary, State Department of University Education, Prof. Collette Suda

Principal Secretary, State Department of Technical and Vocational Education and Training, Dr. Dinah Mwinzi

Ag. Director General, Mr. Robert Masese

All Directors and Ministry of Education Officials,

Regional Coordinator of Education, County Directors of Education and Sub County Directors of Education,

Principals and Head Teachers

Education Stakeholders,

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the launch of the Form One Selection Exercise and the release of Form One selection results for 2018. It is of importance to note that we have been improving our efficiency both in the marking of KCPE and the selection of form ones among other reforms in the sector. We are very particular about efficient delivery of education services because we understand very well that investing in education is the single most effective means of reducing poverty. Girls and boys who receive quality education provide a better future for their families and the country. With improved education, so many other areas are positively affected. It is for this reason that every child in our country should be given a fair share of a rounded and complete life.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Government’s policy for the sector is to enhance access, equity and quality at all levels of education. This is as guided by the Constitution that provides that basic education is one of the fundamental rights of every Kenyan child. We must therefore endeavor to observe, respect, protect, promote and fulfill these rights as people entrusted with this mandate.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Selection of students into form one is one critical step in this endeavor and hence the need for us to be meticulous in our action. In fulfillment of this constitutional dictate, placement of candidates into secondary schools is guided by three key considerations: merit, equity, choice and affirmative action. More importantly is the obligation to ensure 100% transition from primary to secondary education.


In a bid to reward merit therefore, all the 10,738 candidates who scored 400 marks and above have been placed in national schools. Additionally, the top five candidates of either gender from every sub-county have been placed into national schools on the basis of the choices they made during registration for KCPE where possible.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Ministry also ensures equity in placement in national schools by applying sub-county quotas based on candidature strength and affirmative action where a sub-county candidature is too low to attract a quota. By design, affirmative action aims to guarantee the participation of minorities and marginalized groups in national schools as clearly guided by the constitution.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am glad to report that we have moved steadily towards 100% transition and this year the Government has created adequate places for all this year’s KCPE candidates to access secondary education. Some of the interventions undertaken include;

  1. Expanding capacities of existing schools to create places by dedicating infrastructure grants amounting to Ksh. 6.4 billion to 2,710 regular and 30 special needs secondary schools. This  led to construction of 2,740 classrooms, 349 laboratories and 326 blocks of sanitation facilities among others. Some of these facilities are complete while others will be complete by new year.
  2. Opening day wings in existing boarding schools, especially in Nairobi County, to maximize the use of available resources as well as delink admission from bed capacity
  • Development of secondary schools through the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF)


As a result, students will be admitted to schools as follows:

        M F
National              103            29,712                  29,411
Extra County              531 123,399                123,399
County           1,031 142,358                142,358
Sub County Registered         6,858 647,800     647,800
New            467 37,790     37,790
Special                32 1,453                        892
Day wing                19 1,350     1,350
Private           1,164 69,880     69,880
  1,053,742         1,052,880



Ladies and Gentlemen, it is noted that approximately 63% (647,800) of the admission to form one will join sub-county schools. This forms the largest population of learners in the five categories of schools. As a way forward, there will be a deliberate effort to invest proportionate resources to ensure quality education for the learners which will include;

  1. a proportionately higher allocation for infrastructure development and improvement
  2. the posting of a higher number of teachers by the TSC to this calibre of schools, a number of which struggle under the burden of BOM teachers.
  • Supply of science equipment in order to bring them at par with other well-endowed schools
  1. the posting by TSC of principals with proven track records to revive and revamp these key institutions that cater for a bulk of children from low income backgrounds
  2. mainstreaming of ICT integration and learning by prioritizing these schools in the receipt of computers under the computer for schools programme


Ladies and Gentlemen, performance in a number of schools that have both primary and secondary schools in the same environment have often been beset with legitimacy squabbles and turf wars which tend to compromise teaching and learning programmes. The Ministry, in liaison with Teachers Service Commission, will consolidate the management of such schools effective 2018 so that they will be under one Board of Managment and one overall principal with a deputy for primary and another for secondary school. The move will occasion harmony and synergy in utilization of resources and infrastructure facilities, some of which lie defunct because resources are duplicated, and institution compartmentalized creating non-functional facilities.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are all aware that there still exist multiple hindrances to secondary education that we have to continue addressing in collaboration with other arms of government and stakeholders. These include insecurity, inhibitive cultural practices, indirect costs of secondary education, unfriendly learning environments and extreme poverty in households especially in arid and semi-arid areas. Let us all re-think the best and creative ways of tackling these challenges because I know that our country is endowed with a wealth of unexploited human and natural resources that can be harnessed to provide quality education to all Kenyan children. We must strive to build Kenya into a middle-income industrializing country as envisaged in Vision 2030.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am glad to report that this year we have scaled up transmission of admission letters online to include county schools apart from national and extra-county schools that pioneered last year. Consequently, receipt of admission letters by candidates and their parents shall be instantaneous for all candidates selected to join national, extra-county and county schools.  The Ministry shall endeavor to gradually improve the digitization process with a view to bringing all schools on board. I urge the Principals of secondary schools to brand their school functional system on a digital platform to enhance public awareness to students, parents and other stakeholders on their achievements and future plans


Ladies and Gentlemen, the cost of education to the household is recognized as the greatest impediment to access to education. In line with the President’s pledge to make secondary education free in 2018, the government has increased Free Day Secondary Education (FDSE) capitation to cater for the total cost of day schooling to Ksh. 22,244 per student per annum from the previous Ksh.12, 870.  This is in addition to the government meeting the cost of national examinations for all candidates in public and private schools. Fees guidelines have been released to schools and should be implemented without exception. This calls for efficient, honest and transparent utilization of resources by school management boards. My instructions to all regional coordinators and County Directors of Education last year of ensuring enforcement of fees guidelines still stands.  Parents are advised to only pay the amount in the fees structure and report incidents of any students turned away for not paying the higher fees to their respective Regional Education Coordinators, County Directors of Education and Sub-County Directors.


Ladies and Gentlemen, reporting dates for all form ones students selected to all categories of schools shall be 9th January 2018 and not later than 12th January 2018.  Principals should ensure that new students are well received and well integrated with the others.


Further, I want to state that candidates can know the outcome for National and Extra- County School’s Selection by texting the index number     `1k=]o 20042 or through the ministry’s website Candidates are therefore advised to visit the Ministry’s website for information on where they have been selected and to download their admission letters. Selection to County schools will be out at the end of the week after regional launches are done on the 8th December 2017. While Sub-County selections will be concluded by the Sub-County Directors of Education on Monday 11th December 2017.


After downloading the letter, candidates must present it to the head teacher of the primary school where they sat their KCPE examination for authentication. The letter alongside the candidate’s birth certificate will further be authenticated by the Principal of the admitting school. Principals are advised to be meticulous and confirm that the letter presented to them is for candidates strictly in their selection list. Candidates who may have any challenge in accessing their letters are advised to visit the nearest .

30mu yHuduma Centres.


As I release these selection lists to County Directors and principals of national schools, I would like to congratulate those who have been selected to join secondary schools this year.


It is now my pleasure, ladies and gentlemen, to declare the Form One selection 2018 officially launched.