Teachers in Kenya face wealth audit in revised rules

It is now a requirement for all Teachers to declare the source of their wealth and have their accounts subjected to audits after completion of their service.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has also prevented teachers from acting as agent or candidate for any political party.

These stringent rules are contained in the revised Teachers Code of Conduct and Ethics that also clearly addresses issues of teachers who prey and abuse pupils sexually.

According to the new rules teacher shall not make a request to, or pressure a learner for any sexual activity or favor this also includes flirting with a learner.

Students now will only be sent home after 6am and not past 12pm unless in case of emergency

“No teacher shall engage in any political activity or campaigns that may compromise or be seen to compromise the dignity of his or her office; or use public or institutional resources for the furtherance of any project for the purpose of supporting a candidate or political party,” reads the document. This in effect prevents teachers from participating in any political campaigns

The measures also curb corruption in public offices and teacher absenteeism. This is because in the revised code, teachers will have to account for every hour they spend in schools. They are required to spend all the working hours doing school work and not sneak out to run their businesses.

The document is to be launched during this year’s secondary school heads meeting in Mombasa. All teachers engaged in public service have to submit a declaration of their income and assets and liabilities within 30 days of employment. A final declaration will also be required by the employer within 30 days after a teacher leaves employment.